Chemfield manufactures various grades of MCC with different functionalities for the pharmaceutical industry. Our MCC is made by acidic hydrolosis of specialized wood pulp and subsequent spray drying in our state-of-the-art facility in Nagpur. Chemfield uses high quality, specialty pulp secured through long-term contracts with premium pulp manufacturers to ensure continuity of raw material supply and final product consistency.

Chemfield manufactures two types of MCC. While Chemicel® has been the preferred excipient for the domestic and ROW markets, Primecel®, which was launched in 2016 as a super high-quality and consistent MCC with patented technology, is widely used for superior functionality and quality requirements in the regulated and quality conscious markets.

All MCC grades meet the standards specified by global pharmacopeia such as USP, Ph. EUR, BP, JP and IP.


The standard packaging for all MCC is 25 Kg HDPE bags with 2 inner LDPE liners. Chemicel® or Primecel® can also be packed in 20 Kg HDPE bags, paper bags or cartons, as well as 20 Kg /50 Kg fiber drums, depending on each customer requirement.

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