Facility Foundation

Designed and constructed by world renowned NNE Pharmaplan and commissioned in 2013, Chemfield’s new manufacturing facility complies to Indian FDA (Schedule M), WHO, US FDA and EU-GMP, as well as Chemfield’s internal quality standards.

The plant has as a fully closed and automated process from start to finish, eliminating manhandling of the product and avoiding the risk of any product contamination. Chemfield prides itself in maintaining one of the best manufacturing facilities of MCC with a focus on:

  • Safety & Compliance
  • Quality & Certifications
  • Client audits
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Chemfield understands the importance of quality deliverance and consistency and thrives to ensure the best quality in not just our products but also in our services, delivery and practices. We have been audited by several multinational pharmaceutical companies across the globe, and are also the first MCC manufacturer globally to have successully qualitied for the EXCIPACT certification.

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